Hirschfelder Spracheninstitut

Welcome to our language school

The Hirschfelder language institute offers language courses with fixed aims for adults as well as students and special sales courses with corresponding personality training, regular language training in our conversational courses as well as an extensive range of tuition offers for middle/secondary school students over Business school and technical school students as well as those doing the advanced/intensive A Levels in school year 13 in the following languages and school subjects:

  • Spanish
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian

You are very welcome to turn up to our classes unexpectedly and take part without registration. We are not an internet school that only collects addresses and courses that don not come to anything. We make language courses possible for you in small groups as well as one-to-one sessions in our rooms or at your company.

Our small university

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For school students:

Have you already thought about YOU getting further training online and to learn a few cool new words and sayings instead of always just surfing the internet? Then this is the right place for you!! Here YOU can learn a foreign language according to your time and wishes. From beginnings to advanced. Perhaps you are a member of a club or group (for example sport, music, computer, chess etc) who regularly travels to neighbouring countries or a holiday is planned and YOU would like to finally understand what all the people say about YOU? Perhaps you simply want tuition for school? Then call us or use our contact form.

For adult workers:

We, at Hirschfelder language institute, are a motivated team and results orientated team off instructors. We love our work and have the aim to not just provide our students, school pupils and company workers their language needs, but to also get them in touch with other cultural circles. Call us or simple use our contact form.

We offer all courses at our institution as an intensive one-to-one course or for the smallest groups with the same requirements and levels. The intensive courses can also be booked as a many day course with a booked accommodation..

Situated near the area of the airport Frankfurt-Hahn, our institutions are based in the following area 55491 Wahlenau, Idarblick 10