English Business Conversation

Repetition and intensifying of the grammar and subject specified correspondence for advanced level learners. The conversations during the lesson will be in English. This course is specially conceptualised for workers who have had a lot to do with the English language which serves the consequent improvement in pronunciation- be it the British, be it the American business area.

Dates and facts:

 At your companyWahlenau / Horbruch
Course leaders: Kathy Hilbert
Mark Bloomer
Dagmar Krönig-Lämmel
Kathy Hilbert
Mark Bloomer
Dagmar Krönig-Lämmel
Interval: Weekly on a set date and time 2 x monthly on a set date and time
Weekday: Upon agreement Upon agreement
Time: Upon agreement Upon agreement
Time period: unspecified unspecified
Dates: See calendar See calendar
Requirement: Employed/from school year 11 Employed/from school year 11
Number of participants: As desired 4 - 6 people
Total duration: As desired As desired
(per registration):
€52 additionally 19 % VAT per lesson €52 when idicated additionally 19 % VAT per month and person
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