English Conversation 2

English for school students

As you must have already heard, the Hirschfelder Institute offers intensive English language training for all school students. The aim of the training is to clearly improve English pronunciation and with this a better reading, speaking and listening comprehension. This course takes place for 14 days on Saturdays in Horbruch and is free of charge for all registered school pupils/students!

English for world travellers

Are you planning your annual holiday? Surely there are places you would really like to travel to where the citizens there speak no German? Then simply learn English fast for your holidays. English is spoken and understood everywhere! In this course you learn useful vocabulary, sayings, how questions are formed, telephoning, how to call for help and how to make hotel reservations or make changes to your reservations. We light up your holiday destination and its entities and take about the traditional food. We would gladly inform you about our experiences and our reports will inspire you.

According to you time constraints we offer this course also as an intensive course (take a look at our intensive course) or as weekly practice lessons. In order to learn effectively we recommend 2-3 lessons per week at our school and at least the same amount of time at home.

Interessenten sind herzlich willlkommen. Wir freuen uns auf Euch / Sie!

Dates and facts:

 EC IIWorld travellers
Course leaders: Kathy Hilbert
Gill Carruthers
Kathy Hilbert
Gill Carruthers
Interval: 14 days weekly
Weekday: Saturdays Upon agreement
Time: 9:00 - 10:45 Upon agreement - also late mornings
Time period: Unspecified-participation possible any time About 10 months
Dates: See calendar See calendar
Place: Horbruch Wahlenau / Bernkastel-Kues
Requirement: none School English
Number of participants: small groups 2 - 4 people
Total duration: 1 lesson. 45 minutes Intensive with 2 - 4 lessons weekly
(per registration)
30 Euros additionally 19 % VAT per month 52 Euros additionally 19 % VAT per month, can be divided through participants