English for beginners

English for beginners and worldwide travellers

Here we worry about the unnecessary difficult grammatical particulars. We particularly concentrate on the very difficult: You master within the time period you have set a vocabulary of 1000 words to speak including sayings and important questions as well as behaviour in an emergency and on the telephone for booking and reservations, for example making changes. Otherwise our teachers can organise the course according to your wishes!

English for new beginners

This course takes place on a regular basis. You can learn the English language from the beginning as a newbie or as a previous school student. We encourage you to learn with courage and guide you away from the mostly spoken German-English mix and concentrate on the correct pronunciation and the natural ENGLISH word order.

English for beginners

This course is specially designed for new beginners in school English (about 10 years) and serves with the best listening and reading comprehensions. As the lessons in school increasingly lack native speakers from CDs, this course opens a great possibility for English beginners to learn how to express themselves correctly, and to imagine where the stress lies etc.

Those interested are very welcome!

Dates and facts:

 Holiday / travellers
Course leaders: Mark Bloomer
Gill Carruthers
Kathy Hilbert
Dagmar Krönig-Lämmel
Interval: weekly
Weekday: Thursday
Time: 17:00 - 19:00
Time period: Open- registration possible any time
Dates: See calendar
Requirement: none
Number of participants: 2 - 4 people
Total duration: 4 lesson units 120 minutes monthly
(per registration):
2 people €150 additionally 19 % VATmonthly
3 people €100 additionally 19 % VATmonthly
4 people  €75 additionally 19 % VATmonthly
 New beginners-adultsBeginners school pupils
Course leaders: Kathy Hilbert
Gill Carruthers
Dagmar Krönig-Lämmel
Kathy Hilbert
Gill Carruthers 
Dagmar Krönig-Lämmel
Interval: weekly weekly
Weekday: Tuesday Tuesday
Time: 18:00 - 19:30 16:00 - 17:00
Time period: We work with our learning modules that we periodically repeat. There is a possibility to join anytime. Directly from the 5th school year, either for half the year or as a whole school year.
Dates: See calendar According to registration
Requirement: 3 - 5 years of school English for adults No prior knowledge of English
Number of participants: 3 people 5 people
Total duration: 4 lesson units, 90 minutes monthly 4 lesson units, 90 minutes monthly
(per registration):
With 3 learners
€25 / lesson unit
= €100 monthly additionally 19 % VAT
With 5 learners
€15/lesson unit 
= €60 monthly additionally 19 % VAT