Playground – English for children

Welcome to the Playground, the English course for children from about 5 years old who learn and practice here in a playful and conversational way the most important foreign language, English. 

The lesson is usually led by Cathy, a native speaker who draw with the children in a playful way and do arts and crafts, use memory cards to play with and also sing songs. And all totally in English.

We meet every Tuesday from 14.30 h on in Wahlenau for about 90 minutes. Parents are of course allowed to watch their children’s progress and/or just listen to it! The next course starts on beginning of March.

We look forward to welcoming you!

 Wahlenau Kimderuni
Team leaders: Kathy Hilbert
Interval: Weekly
Weekday: Tuesday
Time: 14:30
Total duration: 90 Minutes
(per registration):
1. Kind 140,- Euro/month   10 % reduction by giving us a booking permission 
for every other sibling free