French for beginners

Adults with or without limited knowledge. This course is designed for adults who are unable to speak relatively confident and correct French due to their daily activities. According to our learners’ wishes we offer classes mornings before work, at your workplace during your working hours or evenings after work. In order to master a foreign language for work, very different requirements are necessary as for example at school. Our language school works clearly different from other language school to achieve a high standard of learning. The learners decide on the pace. We don’t study with school books, but with specifically chosen vocabulary designed for the individual learner for their needs at work. There are many diverse work areas (sales, buying, Business communication, manual work, the wood industry, self-employed…).

This course runs either as a one-to-one or inform of a Business seminar with many people with the same learning aim. Alternatively, or for those in a hurry, please look at our intensive courses.

For students of the sixth form

This is a quick course for those beginning a second foreign language in the sixth form or for the employed. You master a good, natural and correct pronunciation as well as the most important knowledge in word order, grammar and the different tenses. Can you already master English and would like to learn yet another foreign language for the European market? Then you have found the right place! 

Students from the 6th school year

We offer a French course straight away for school pupils who have chosen French as a second foreign language. We concentrate on conversational French to achieve good and correct pronunciation and to motivate our learners.

Dates and facts:

 Sixth formSchool year 6
Team leader: Simona Romano
Dagmar Krönig-Lämmel
Dagmar Krönig-Lämmel
Interval: weekly weekly
Weekday: Upon agreement Upon agreement
Time: " "
Time period: " Participation possible any time
Dates: See calendar See calendar
Place: Wahlenau / Horbruch
Wahlenau / Horbruch
Requirement: none From school year 6
Number of participants: 1 - 3 people 1 - 2 people
Total duration: 4 x 90 minutes monthly 4 x 60 / 90 minutes monthly
(per registration):
5th-10th school year  €42 per lesson
11th-12th school year €47 per lesson
13th school year and advanced/intensive course €52 when idicated additionally 19 % VAT per lesson
€42 / 60 Min. One person
€30 additionally 19 % VAT / 90 Min. 2 people