German as foreign language

This is a German course for (young) adults and the employed. The lesson is designed as the learner wishes, either as a one-to-one or as a small group of learners with common interests and includes the extensive grammar, phonetics and conjugations of the German language. Particularly suitable for foreign students who would like to have a qualified and good accent as well as gain basic knowledge in the German language, Germany as a country and the German citizens.

Dates and facts:

Team leader: German teacher German teacher
Interval: 1 x weekly 1 x weekly
Weekday: Monday Tuesday
Time: 15:30 - 17:30 14:30 - 16:00
Time period: About 8 Months About 1 year
Dates: See calendar See calendar
Requirement: interest interest
Number of participants: 1-3 people max. 1-3 people max.
Total duration: 4 x 120 minutes monthly 4 x 90 minutes monthly
Costs (per registration): Depending on number of participants Depending on number of participants
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