Italian for advanced level

Do you need Italian for your job or do you plan to build up your profile on the European market?

Do you love the country, the people and the excellent Italian cuisine?

Have you already attended an Italian course but were not satisfied with the effectiveness or speed?

If you can at least answer two questions with yes then our intensive Italian course is just right for you!

Our new course starts upon agreement with 2 weekly lessons. We learn a lot and intensively in relatively short time. Our instructor, Ms. Simona Romano, is a pure language genius and I am proud and happy to have found her. Ms. Romano is very well read and extremely interested in the current goings on.

This way we learn not just the standard phrases, but we can also get a personal picture of for example politics and economic movements. Please register shortly before the start date. The course fees runs monthly according to the number interested with 60 Euros with 3 people, 90 Euros with 2 people. The course duration is set for 6 months.