The individual learning concept

The teaching and learning concept

Our idea is to create an alternative teaching and learning concept which stems from the not always pleasant school experience of the school students. It has come to my attention in my circle of friends that during the lessons at school there is a very large and often too much focus on grammar, but the practical part, in other words the spoken language, is often kept to a minimum. The trend to leave school students alone at home reading English or French books without pronunciation training or to even get children to write out their work is on the increase. We do not support that!! In actual fact German school students learn a language up to the age of 19 are NOT in the position to speak this language. This is a unique phenomenon among all European school students! Help to change this issue is needed right away. We work with each student’s individual problems and or wishes in all beginners’ courses and with all tuition lessons as well as in one-to-one sessions. All of our instructors are native speakers and take care of the individual needs of their students (for work purposes, school, holidays etc). The learning atmosphere is relaxing and welcoming. We all have time for a joke or for a personal anecdote during the lessons.

Those who are interested are very welcome to observe our work!

The Hirschfelder learning method

(school year 13 and for work purposes)

According to our knowledge is the only free style method to learn a language. Free style means until next time: You learn according to your wishes without a book or with your favourite book free from pressure and alone with your language instructors at your own work pace, assessed through YOUR way of learning, YOUR abilities and priorities:

  1. Sound and melody (alphabet, pronunciation rules and particularities)
  2. Sentence structure (differences from the German sentence structure)
  3. Getting started on the grammar (tenses etc).
  4. Correcting typical mistakes
  5. Conversation course (extending your vocabulary)

A free combination of the modules 1 to 5 is possible if you wish to do so. Please look at out 5 or 10 day intensive courses.