English Conversation 1

This course is for advanced/intensive level students and other advanced level students and adults. We deal with presentations, applications, written and spoken text analysis as well as marketing and business correspondence.

Dates and facts:

 Horbruch / WahlenauBernkastel-Kues
Course leaders: Kathy Hilbert
Gill Carruthers
Kathy Hilbert
Gill Carruthers
Interval: 14 days weekly
Weekday: Thursday Upon agreement
Time: 17:00 - 19:00 Upon agreement- also late morning
Time period: unbefristet -Teilnahme jederzeit möglich About 10 months
Date: See calendar See calendar
Requirement: none School English
Number of participants: 1 2 - 4 people
Duration: 4 lesson units 60 minutes monthly Intensive with 2-4 lessons weekly
(per registration):
€160 additionally 19 % VAT per month €52 additionally 19 % VAT per lesson, can be divided by numbers of participants