French for the wood industry

Since 2010 we have been offering online courses as well as a sales specified French intensive course for saw mills or for wood working industries in 55483 Horbruch (about 80 km west from Mainz).

You learn in sales communications and in subject conventions save and competent ways to communicate. We visit you 2 to 3 hours weekly via Skype or at our institute. You master subject knowledge, a typical French pronunciation and specialised communications training.

We ask you to book in time.

Dates and facts:

Team leader: Dagmar Krönig-Lämmel
Interval: Weekly
Weekday: Upon agreement
Time:         "
Time period: 4 months
Dates: See calendar
Requirement: School French or complete beginner
Number of participants: Dependent on company
Total duration: About 3 hours per week
Costs: 52,- Euro additionally 19 % VAT / 60 Min.